Common Ground

Building Stronger Communities Together

Building Stronger Communities Together

What Is Common Ground?

MasterBUILT Hotels opens and operates each hotel with the goal of having a long-term positive effect in that community. That’s why MasterBUILT Hotels created Common Ground: the first hotel donations program of its kind in Canada. The Common Ground Program functions to collect donations, and distribute them back into local, regional, and national causes, as well as encouraging MasterBUILT staff to volunteer locally by providing paid volunteer days and opportunities through Common Ground.

How Does Common Ground Work?

When a hotel joins the MasterBUILT family, they initiate the Common Ground program in three steps: 1) The hotel chooses three local charities. Those local charities are then voted upon by the community to choose which one will receive a donation from Common Ground. 2) Common Ground collects a financial contribution through guest stays with an optional room charge of $2 per night. 3) Donations are distributed to selected national, regional and local organizations and non-profit on an annual basis. Donation recipients are chosen by the hotel team based on what they feel supports the community and falls within the Common Ground Program Pillars.

How Can I Take Part?

Whether it’s a local hockey team, a community festival, or a local non-profit organization, you have the opportunity to change and help improve lives in your community by voting for or nominating an organization to receive a donation from Common Ground. All guests staying at a MasterBUILT hotel that is participating in the Common Ground program can participate during their stay by donating to the Common Ground program.

Who Is MasterBUILT Hotels?

MasterBUILT Hotels develops, builds, manages, and invests in best-in-class hotels within Canada. MasterBUILT Hotels recognizes the importance of supporting the communities that it operates hotels in as an integral part of everyone’s success. MasterBUILT Hotels also believes in actively participating and volunteering with-in the community. Common Ground was created as a way for us to partner with organizations that define a community while saying “thank you” for welcoming us with open arms. Visit for more information.


The Common Ground Program has received over 6800 votes from communities across Canada
The Fort McMurray Microtel Inn & Suites had a Combined Total of Over 400 days of Volunteering in the past two years alone through the Common Ground Program
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Common Ground donated nearly $250,000 in 2019
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Nearly 16% of the Portage la Prairie population voted in the new Microtel’s initial stage of the Common Ground program.

Welcome to Common Ground, a program designed by MasterBUILT Hotels to promote socially responsible practices across Canada, with a specific focus on the communities we build in.

Since Common Ground’s launch in 2016, we have have been privileged to partner with amazing communities and the organizations that uplift them. As we move forward, we will continue to promote socially responsible practices across all of our hotels, while giving back to the communities we build in.

Common Ground Program Pillars



Accessibility matters and makes a meaningful difference. At Common Ground we support increased accessibility initiatives, including community services and recreation, as well as providing accessible facilities and amenities, starting with our own MasterBUILT Hotels.

Each hotel that is built by MasterBUILT Hotels adheres to the highest accessibility standards and provides individuals with disabilities access to specially designed and equipped rooms, which include amenities such as wheelchair accessible washrooms, braille equipped elevators, and more.


Health + Community Wellness

Home is where the heart is, and the communities that each MasterBUILT Hotel calls home and the people that share that home are paramount.

Many Microtel’s offer their best-in-class fitness facilities for community use, free public Internet, as well as conference space for community meetings and the like.

At Common Ground, we believe in supporting organizations that uplift the community, promote physical and mental health and well-being, support those in need, and bring value to the community and enrich the lives of the residents.


Active Youth

The children are the future, and their health and happiness are vital at every stage. Common Ground supports organizations that support active youth as well as team sports that teach socially responsible values, such as teamwork to young Canadians across the country.

Regular physical activity in childhood and adolescence contributes to lifelong health and well-being. Youth who are regularly active do better in school, show improved cognitive performance, and reduce their risk of developing health conditions. We believe in investing in our world’s greatest asset, our youth.


Environmental Sustainability

The Common Ground program is a proud supporter of environmentally sustainable practices and the organizations that promote them. We believe in the importance of reducing overall waste and our collective carbon footprint.

MasterBUILT Hotels’ believe in using fewer natural resources and keeping our environment as clean as possible; from the use of biodegradable cleaning products to recycling unused soap products and plastic bottles through Clean the World – who gives them new life and donates them to those who would otherwise not have access to this basic necessity.

Common Ground Communities

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